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Only a real long term vision can catapult you to glory and success. All leaders had vision. M.K. Gandhi worked for truth and justice. Nelson Mandela dreamt of a South Africa without apartheid. Martin Luther King fought for equal rights for black. It was a vision that transformed Siddhartha into Buddha. So must all of you develop a long term vision. What do you want the most in the next 20 years? Your goal should be collective, not individual. One that will touch a chord in people, inspire them to join in. Henceforth remove obstacles. Be open to suggestions. Rise above desire by cultivating a higher desire. Expand your mind. Develop qualities that will take you to your goal. Self-control is important. Think afresh, differently. Go back to basics. Question, enquire and reflect. Spend time with yourself. Having fixed a higher goal, work towards it with dedication, sincerity, pure heart and clear thinking. You too can change from an ordinary to the extraordinary. You only have to want it.
         Mrs. Anita Wadehra
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