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Dayanand Anglo Vedic Public School, situated at sector-7, Rohini, Delhi, India is run under DAV College Trust and DAV College Managing Committee, established in 1889 to promote the dials of Swami Dayanand Saraswati.
“Anglo” stands for the western pattern of education and ‘Vedic’ for traditional Indian knowledge and philosophy which came together as two streams of thought in one glorious movement.
DAV Public School, Rohini is one amongst the 700 educational institutions run under DAV College Managing Committee. The school started in 1989 with 600 students and 20 staff members. The foundation of the school was laid in 1993 by Late Shri Darbari Lal ji the then Organizing Secretary DAVCMC. The foundation of the New Building was laid in 2001 by Sh G.P. Chopraji, President DAVCMC.
The school now has more than 3500 students and about 150 staff members. A firm commitment to our ideals and keeping abreast with the advances in technology, together with an open mindset to constantly upgrade and implement the DAV ideology has helped the school to make its mark in the education arena in a big way. Each step forward has been aimed at providing a fresh perspective, a new insight and a more holistic view of child centric education.
It is one of the first schools to include IT stream as a choice for senior Secondary classes, with 100% Computer literate staff. Apart from academics, 100% participation in extra-curricular activities is stressed upon. The student participate in various inter and intra house as well as inter and intra school competition. Sport has always been an integral part of our school curriculum. Regular health checkups by our in-house doctor are conducted. Specialists are also invited for dental, eye and ENT checkups from time to time. School provides intensive in service training to teacher’s to learn improve and keep pace with the latest standards of education system. Hawans are conducted regularly and even on special occasions like birthday of students etc. The school is proactively involved in creating awareness and understanding about topics of social relevance. Rallies and Nukkar Natikas (street plays) are performed. The school also runs ‘Prodh-Siksha Kendra’ (Adult education) through which education and vocational training is provided to young and the old underprivileged members of our society.
The students are also associated with NGOs and SOS villages. Visits and excursions are organized for education and entertainment from time to time. Keeping in view the changing scenario of today’s world the school has adopted the ISA approach (British Council) to equip the staff and the students with a global dimension. We pledge to strive for excellence and that is what will make all the difference.
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