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Title : Principals Message for parents

 26 March 2020 Dear Parents,
In this difficult and trying time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can fully understand your fear,uncertainty and anxiety and more so of the school going children.
Trust me, for we, as the entire DAV ROHINI TEAM, are feeling equally concerned for not only the students, but also for the parents.
Dear parents, always remember that the
True character of a person can only be assessed during the crisis.
Let us consider this critical time as ​a great learning experience as well, where we can learn and teach our children the importance of Mother Nature and the repercussions of interfering too much with nature. Make them understand that ​She has sent us to our rooms and when she is finished clearing up our mess, She will let us play again. Reaffirm with them the importance of healthy and hygienic ways. Let the children understand the love and importance of family and the values it stands for. ​Ensure that the heart of your child is filled with humanity and with empathy for the fellow human beings and not with fear and hatred.
Here are a few Dos and Don?ts that can help you and your ward to steer clear of these difficult times :
1. On the Academic front, our teachers have been doing their best, ​by starting online education through various apps​. On your part, we request you to kindly ensure that they make full use of the technology and are present at the scheduled time. Do create a study schedule for them​. This way, you will be able to complete your household work,while they are studying.
Do not worry too much about them regressing in studies. Remember, every single child is sailing in the same boat, and together we will overcome the problems and shall proceed further, once we are back in the classrooms.
2. During their free time,involve them in small household chores, as per their capacity. Involve them in helping you to serve food to the grandparents and elderly in their rooms. Let them sit and talk to their grandparents and learn various morals from them. This will ease not only their anxiety, but also that of their grandparents; and in a way they will learn the importance of family and family bonding.
3. The teachers are forwarding many useful sites and links, which can enable the children in engaging themselves in various fruitful and creative activities​,which is good for their mental health​,especially during the evening time, when they cannot go out to play.
4. Many children may tend to become restless and irritable during this time. Please understand that it is normal and bound to happen,because they can feel our tension and anxiety and are as tense and afraid as we are. Try to relax them. Let the children not be exposed to too much fake and negative news in the media​. Give them a positive message as to how they can keep themselves safe ​by following healthy and hygienic ways and by socially distancing themselves.
5​. ​Give them a feeling of love, comfort, and internal strength to overcome this global threat.​ Try creating a healthy and positive atmosphere at home.
​And above all, tell them the strength of prayers and how it can heal the world.
I am sure if we all follow these guidelines, we all can come out victorious. Let this be a learning time not only for our children, but also for us.
Remember,we have always been, and always are, with you and our students. We have always aimed and strived towards making them courageous, responsible and victorious citizens of our great nation.
You and Us together, with wisdom and courage, can come out of this critical situation and can create a history for all times to see​.
Stay home and remain safe. 
With warm regards
Rajbir Kaur 

Posted By : Admin | Date : 26-03-2020