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                      Important information

On 13th December that is Friday the school has organised a picnic to Oh! Max indoor Wonderland, greater Noida.
Those who are not going will stay at home.
Students should reach the school at the usual time .
Parents can collect their wards from the school premises at 5:30 p.m.
Strictly adhere to the timings.
Dress code for students:
1. To wear blue or black jeans with white shirt or top.
2. School jacket or blazer along with I-card is compulsory.
3. Can wear sports shoes.
(All the things carried by student should be well labelled).
They should bring well labelled water bottle and snacks in handy bag.
no costly items allowed as students have to leave their belongings in the bus only.
Electronic gadgets are strictly not allowed.
(for classes 6 to 8 ) those who desire to go back home on their own must deposit authority letter to their class teachers before hand.

Posted By : ADMIN | Date : 10-12-2019