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Transport dues for students availing school bus transport has to be paid for 11 months from April till March of every session (excluding June). Intimation regarding withdrawal of transport facility should be done at least one month in advance till December only. Request for Transport withdrawals will not be accepted in the month of January & onwards and the parents will have to pay the entire dues till the end of session as a matter of school’s policy.

School Transport Guidelines

The school provides a fleet of private buses for transport. Buses run on fixed schedule. In case the buses fail to maintain the schedule due to unavoidable circumstances, the parents may drop their wards to school themselves.

The school may not be held responsible in the event of any road accident in which the buses may unfortunately be involved. The responsibility and safety of the students traveling in private vans lies solely with the guardian and private van operators.

The bus charges for the use of school transport are made on the basis of the distance. Whenever a student wishes to discontinue using the transport he must inform the school in writing one month in advance. However it is mandatory to pay the 11 months transport fees even if a child wants to withdraw the transport facility midway.

Pvt. Cabs, Cars, Scooters etc should not be parked near the school as per the courts directive. They should be parked at least 50m from the school.

Parents should drop and pick their wards at the School Gate only. They are requested not to escort the child to the classroom.