Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW)

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SUPM is an integral part of the course curriculum. It aims to develop among the students the habit to work as a community, increase awareness of scientific advancements and to develop individual skills.

The Students have a choice of following activities under SUPW:-

1) ART - It helps the students to learn sketching from nature and still life, creative use of colors, study and use of various techniques like pencil drawing, crayons, water colors, oil colors and acrylic colors etc.

2) CRAFT - Craft is a way of communicating visually. It helps to develop motor skills and creative intelligence amongst children things that are made by hand and crafted with love, leave the maker and the receiver with a sense of achievement and pride.

3) CALLIGRAPHY - Students experience the texture and feel of clay and POP to create fantastic pieces. In doing so they develop a sense of appreciation of the nature. Jewellery making gives them an opportunity to revive and keep alive the rich heritage and cultural tradition.

4) PAPER MACHIE - It is basically the use of old newspaper to make something production and creative, Students learn to recycle the paper and make different articles. They can relate to ancient handicraft of our country.

5) MEAL PLANNING - The students learn to make nutritious healthy and innovative recipes. This stream helps them to learn the importance of hygiene and sanitation besides inculcating in them culinary and aesthetic skils.

6) MUSIC - Music has undoubted power of composing emotional disturbances and restoring the mind so tranquility. Music training both vocal and instrumental is given from preschool through primary and secondary level. The students learn tool, Ragas and other forms.

7) DANCE - Dance plays a very important role in the life of a student as they get acquainted with forms of India. They learn various mudras and steps at a tender age. They learn folk dances, tribal dance, classical and fusion dance.