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Code Of Conduct For Students

All students are expected to conduct themselves as worthy citizens at all times and in all places.

strict punctuality, regular school attendance, cleanliness of Uniform, general grooming and sincerity to studies and work assignments.

1. Every student should bring the school almanac with him/her daily. If a pupil loses the almanac, he/she will be subjected to disciplinary action and a new almanac will have to be purchased.

2. Students who come to school by their own transport/on foot should reach five-minutes before the first bell rings and all the students should start moving to their class-rooms as soon as the warning bell rings Late corners will not be allowed to enter the school premises after the warning bell.

3. Students are not allowed to go to any relative/friends house from school.

4. All the boys must wear their hair short. Girls must tie their hair neatly. Students are strictly prohibited from applying mehndi, nail polish or hair color.

5. Indisciplined behavior in the school bus will make the pupil ineligible to use school transport.

6. No student should come out of the class-room without the class pass.

7. Changing of classroom between periods should be done in silence and in orderly manner.

8. No shouting or whistling is allowed in the school premises. Throwing bits of chalk, foil paper etc on others or teasing fellow students is strictly forbidden.

9. If any damage is done to school property by the students they will pay damage charges According to the extent of damage to school property. Stern action will also be taken.

10. Books other than text or reference books or library books and magazines brought to the school without permission are liable to be confiscated.

11. Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged.

12. The students are advised not to bring valuable articles like expensive watches to school. Students are strictly prohibited from wearing ornaments (viz. chains or rings) in the school. The school will not hold itself responsible for the loss of any such item.

13. No student who has been absent on the previous day, will be admitted to the class without a note or an explanation in the almanac.

14. The School reserves the right to dismiss students whose diligence or progress in studies is continuously unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.

15. A student who uses unfair means and receives or gives assistance in any form during tests will not be given any marks and a warning letter will be issued to him/her. Repetition of the same may result in his/her dismissal.

16. Latecomers, uniform defaulters, students who do not bring the house activity material or who do not do their home assignments regularly will be strictly dealt with.

17. Students will not be allowed to use the school phone without the permission of the receptionist.

18. On PTA days students accompanying the parents should come in proper school uniform and school always carry the school Almanac.

19. In case a student is not attending the school but visits the school for some reason (getting his admit card or clearance or for security, returning the library books), they should always come in school uniform.

20. Students are advised to keep their classrooms, school building and campus as clean as possible, make use of dust bins.

21. Library books should be taken care of and returned on time. Any damage or loss of the books will be borne by the borrower.

22. Any student found with mobile phone, ipod, camera etc. shall be subjected to fine and confiscation of the above mentioned article.

Absence From School

1. Absence without prior intimation is viewed seriously. In the event of the student remaining absent for more than 10 days his/her name shall be struck off the rolls. Admission may be granted again, at the discretion of the Principal and on payment of fresh Admission fee.

2. Students are not allowed to leave the school during school hours. In case of an emergency the authorized person whose signature is given on the first page of the diary comes in person to make the request.

3. No leave is granted except on prior intimation from parents for plausible reasons only. The parents may make a note in the diary for the purpose.

4. A student joining school after suffering from infectious disease should produce a doctor's certificate permitting him/her to do so. Such students must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.

5. No student who has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to class without a note of explanation in the diary.