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Title : World earth day Celebrations

A short play was organized and performed by the teachers on 22nd April on earth day, and a very important message of keeping our mother earth clean &green was given to the children through that play

Title : Mahatma Hansraj Diwas.

Mahatma hansraj divas was celebrated with the help of a worksheet in which kids did finger printing in the picture of a hawankund.

Title : World Heritage day Celebrations

World Heritage day was celebrated on 18april in which different activities were conducted in famous indian monuments like vegetable printing in red fort ,matchstick pasting in qutub minar, pencil printing in india gate etc.

Title : Health week Celebrations

Health week was celebrated from 11th to 13th April in which various activities were conducted like circle game, fruit chaat party,apple printing ,stick puppet of carrot and head gear of mango was also were informed about the importance of healthy food in life and adverse effects of junk food was also shared with them.

Title : Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day was celebrated on 25th January in which children of  pre primary gave wonderful dance performances on patriotic songs.They were also told the importance of celebrating this day and the correct way of celebrating it.

Title : Diwali Activity

Hey! It's time to share, to celebrate, to greet each other and to spread love and wishes. it's Diwali. Looking at the importance of this festival and to create an enthusiasm among the children for the same, we have planned few activities like candle decoration and bandhanvar making. Children were very happy to decorate candles and bann dhanvar and enjoy the activity a lot.



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