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An effigy of RAVANA was made in school and children were really excited to see that.They were also given a hand puppet of Ravana.


Grandparents' day was celebrated on 30th sep 2016. Grandparents were invited with their grand children.Various games were organised for them like -- balloon balancing,threading the needle,musical chair, freeze and move dance etc.They enthusiastically participated in all the games.Our tiny tots also gave their dance performances for their Grandparents.Over all it was a successful event in which everybody enjoyed.



A FANCY DRESS SHOW was held for the nursery children on the topic "Domestic Animals".

Title : World car free day

WORLD CAR FREE day was celebrated on 22nd september 2016.In which children of Pre primary class presented  a play and told us about the benefits of Car free day.

Title : Forgiveness day celebrations

A play on FORGIVENESS DAY was presented by the children of nursery class.Children were given a message through this play that we shouldn't fight and if we hurt someone then we should say sorry.they also recited a Rhyme on sorry.
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Title : Orange colour day Celebrations

ORANGE COLOUR DAY Was celebrated in which Ice cream party was organised for the children. Kids were really happy and they enjoyed it.Different activities were also taken up through out the week related to orange colour.

Title : World mosquito Day Celebrations

"World mosquito Day" (activity) was conducted  through which children were told about the consequences of mosquito's bite and how dangerous it is. It's preventive measures were also discussed with the help of a puppet show.

Title : Janmashtami celebrations

A special assembly was organised on JANMASHTAMI. Tiny tots of NURSERY- B gave a dance performance in it .Children of nursery classes decorated a MATKI and pre-primary children prepared MUKUT for this occassion.

Title : Green colour week Celebrations


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