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Title : Morning assembly by Pre-Primary-D

Morning assembly by Pre-Primary-D students on the Topic ?Clean India Green India?

Title : Morning assembly by Pre-Primary-C

Morning assembly by Pre-Primary-C on the topic Healthy and Un Healthy Food🍎🥦🥕🌽🍞🥚🍳🍗🍚🍛

Title : Morning assembly

Title : Blue colourday

Blue is the ocean 🌊🌊
Blue is the sky🌧🌧
Blue are the blueberries 🍇🧞‍♂️
I put in my pie🥣❄️💦
Students of class Pre-School celebrating ?Blue Colour Day?🥏🎽🚙🧿



Dandiya Utsav was celebrated by the kindergarten wing.Children along with their parents and grandparents enthusiastically participated in various competition like Dandiya dance and karaoke.Depiction of Ram Gatha by our tiny tots was the highlight of the event.The guests for the event were the members Of the Rotary club.Children danced with confidence in front of their Grandparents showing their true love and affection.

Title : Red Colour Day


Wishing you all a very Happy Lohri, may the Lohri fire burns all the moments of sadness and brings warmth of joy , happiness and love

Title : Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the time to give and forgive,celebrated everywhere as a joyous affair,we too at our school celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children.Our Santa too made a grand entry in classes.Children were so excited to see the Santa .The precious gift of hope,peace,joy and love were the gift.Merry Christmas

Title : PICNIC

A fun and frolic picnic to National zoological park was organised.It was a great  learning  experience as children were really excited to see the animals.


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