Fee Rules

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Schedule For Fee Payment
1. April, 2016 Young World Charges Rs. 100/- P.A. Insurance Fee Rs. 160/- P.A. One Month’s fee + Half Yearly Annual Charges (Ist Instalment)
  • (i) Without late fee by 13th of every month
  • (ii) With late fee of Rs. 100/- P.M. (14th to 20th) every month
  • (iii) With late fee of Rs. 150/- P.M. (21st to last day of month)
  • (iv) With late fee of Rs. 200/- P.M. If paid Month alongwith the next month’s Fee
2. May, June, 2017 Two Month’s Fee  
3. July, August, 2017 Two Month’s Fee +SUPW P.A. (III to X)
4. Sep., 2017 One Month’s Fee One Month Fees+Half Yearly Annual charges (IInd Instalment)
5. Oct., Nov., 2017 Two Month’s Fee  
6. Dec., 2017 Jan., 2018 Two Month’s Fee  
7. Feb.-Mar., 2018 Two Month’s Fee due upto 13.2.2018
8. Timings
  • a. Monday to Saturday 8.00 A.M. to 11.30 P.M. (Except Second Saturday)
  • b. Fees will be accepted on producing the Fee Card. In case of loss of this card, duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- only.
  • c. The payment of the fee is to be made in CASH only.
  • d. The Fees can be paid during the summer vacation also on all working days.
  • e. Late fee will be admissible for 2 months only, after which the name will be struck off from the school and the student will have to be readmitted.
  • f. Transport
    The charges for the use of School transport are to be made on the basis of the distance. Whenever a student wishes to discontinue using the transport, he must inform the School In writing one month in advance, failing which the transport charges for that month will have to be paid.