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Title : Diwali activities class vi to viii from DAV Rohini

The festivities of Diwali were ushered in by DAV , Rohini through Bandhanwar making and Rangoli Making Competitions. The myriad colours of the intricate rangoli designs created a Rainbow of happiness and decorated bandhanwars gave the school a complete festive look. 
Today our students of class VI participated with full zeal and vigor in rangoli making competition and made exceptionally wonderful designs.
For class VII Bandhanwar making activity was conducted where in students 
showed great interest and used different decorative material and used their creativity in making extraordinary bandhanwars.
Class VIII did Ganesha Making and enjoyed working together. It was a befitting start to much loved festival . Students from class VI to VIII participated, learned and enjoyed the whole festive spirit wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali