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Cyber Safety ? Need of the Hour

Classes VIII-X
Session 2018-19

As an initiative to control Cyber Crimes and to provide awareness among the students about
Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security and Cyber laws, we conducted activities and workshop as a part
of Web Ranger club, with the students of classes VIII to X. The motivation behind conducting
these activities is to make the children aware about the threats in the Cyber World and how to
tackle them. Main focus of this initiative was to
 Make the children understand the reasons, effects and preventions of cyber bullying
 What is Cyber crime and what Cyber Laws are there to protect us
 Safe usage of internet.
 Identity protection while using internet
 Cyber Safety for kids and teenagers
The activities / Workshop conducted were based on the following topics
 Speech/ Declamation competition on E-Addiction in Adolescence
 Poster making/ Collage making ( using an appropriate computer Software ) on Cyber
 Spreading awareness about the hazards, effects and prevention tips about Cyber
bullying and safety on internet through e- letters/ brochures.
 Creating Presentations on Cyber Security and Internet Safety
 Workshop on Safe Internet usage for Kids & Teenagers- Email, Chatting and Social
The students took keen interest and did a good research on the above mentioned topics.
They worked hard to create the projects, presentations and documentations that were
appreciated. They found the activities very informative, interactive and useful for the web
security of ? TODAY?S GENERATION?. Members of student council also helped in organizing
and conducting these activities. Best presentations, Posters and projects were displayed on
the PTM day and also during the workshop.